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Studio Lumen provides comprehensive lighting design services for commercial and residential projects. Our project involvement includes interior, exterior and landscape lighting design. Our full scope approach means that we are involved in the design process from concept development all the way through to fine tuning the final installation.

Our goal at Studio Lumen is to use lighting to showcase the uniqueness of individual spaces and structures. We believe that lighting should complement architecture and ambience rather than draw undue attention to itself – so our designs feature a seamless integration with the visual environment both in terms of the lit effect and the material substance of the light fixtures themselves, both at night and during the day. Moreover, we are concerned that the function of the lighting should be seen both to aesthetically enhance the environment, and to meet any more formal requirements such as local and state energy requirements, as well as safety, security, and amenity. After all, let us not forget that spaces are created for the people who inhabit them! To achieve this, we explore all avenues of design – from the use of standard, ‘off the shelf’ luminaires to the design of custom fixtures and effects, always with the careful placement and concealment of the lighting equipment in mind, as well as the long-term maintenance of the building or landscape.

Finally, we are proud of an aptitude for teamwork that produces a successful collaborative approach with other project stakeholders including developers and owners, architects, landscape architects, interior designers, engineers, and contractors throughout the world. The creative whole is no greater than the sum of its constituent parts, and it is our goal in this regard to encourage communication, responsiveness, and cooperation so that all members of the design team may enjoy the optimal fruit of our individual labors.

It is in this way that we feel we can best achieve our primary objective: the fulfillment of the owners’ and architects’ vision, and the service of the visitor to these spaces.


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