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High Tech Campus Phase 4 - Seattle, WA


This multi-phase project is made up of nine buildings totaling 1,500,000 square feet. Each phase concept relates to existing site elements and includes nature buildings, garage buildings and urban buildings. The design of each building reflects the existing and historical elements relating to the site's location at the threshold of the lake and the city.

The personality of each building is particularly expressed in the lobbies and break out areas. The lighting kit of parts is tailored to reflect unique elements of each concept across the campus while at the same time minimizing the number of fixture types and lamps found throughout the campus, for ease and clarity of maintenance.

Flexibility is paramount in the open office space. The modular system furniture can accommo­date a variety of work environments which can be reconfigured in less than a day. The light­ing system is designed to complement this dynamic environment. Well thought out circulation lighting and portable task lighting support the flexible nature of the open office concept and can accommodate a number of office/work station configurations. The task lighting allows each oc­cupant to adjust the lighting to personal preference and the task at hand.

Architect: IA Interior Architects


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